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Welcome to my profile, "Wildlife Brutal." Here, I share the intense beauty and sensitive realities of the wild. Explore daily content capturing nature's raw struggles and captivating moments. Join me on this journey into the heart of wildlife, where each post delivers a powerful insight into the untamed world's harsh yet stunning existence.
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South Africa Zimbabwe

Baby Elephant Faces Life Without a Trunk, what challenges will it face?

If an elephant loses the trunk, how will the elephant survive in the harsh wild world with countless enemies who are ready to wait for the opportunity to attack?

Connor Wildlife Brutal 12 Mins Read

The Circle of Life in Action, Watch the Dramatic scene Hyenas take on a Zebra

Prepare yourself for a shocking encounter with nature's most ruthless predators. In a gripping video captured in the heart of the wild, we are confronted with the stark reality..

Connor Wildlife Brutal 4 Mins Read
Kenya Tanzania

Shocking Video: Wildebeest Deaths Explained

Over 300 wildebeests drowned after a suspected stampede as they crossed the Mara River in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Every year, hundreds perish during the crossing the river

Connor Wildlife Brutal 4 Mins Read

Rise and Fall of a Bob Junior the Lion King of Serengeti

Bob Junior, son of legendary Serengeti lion Bob Marley, grew from playful cub to wise king. He led his pride through danger, earning admiration of both lionesses and tourists.

Connor Wildlife Brutal 4 Mins Read

Here is why baby hippos are killed by the adult males

Discover the harsh reality of baby hippos facing a perilous journey within their own pod. Uncover the shocking truth as to why adult male hippos

Connor Wildlife Brutal 4 Mins Read

Why Do Lions in Serengeti kill Hyenas without eating them?

Serengeti lions kill hyenas, a complex dance of dominance, strategic maneuvers, and symbolic actions. It safeguards territory, eliminates threats, conserves energy, and asserts their apex position.

Connor Wildlife Brutal 4 Mins Read

Can Elephant mate with rhino and give an offspring?

Elephants belong to the family Elephantidae, and there are three extant species: the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant, and the Asian elephant.

Connor Wildlife Brutal 2 Mins Read

Convicted American poachers kill ‘World’s Biggest crocodile’ in Tanzania

UK newspaper the Mirror described the hunters as a 'sick couple' The same notorious hunters made global headlines in 2016 after killing a giant black bear with a spear

Connor Wildlife Brutal 4 Mins Read
South Africa

Do you wander Why Male Lions Sometimes Kill Cubs

In the seemingly idyllic world of the animal kingdom, there exist behaviors that challenge our understanding of nature. One such perplexing phenomenon is the killing of cubs by male lions.

Connor Wildlife Brutal 4 Mins Read

Elephant and Rhinoceros Engage in Intense Battle for Dominance

Elephants are generally peaceful animals, but there are certain conditions that can trigger aggressive behavior related to hunger or competition for resources.

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