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Fears for the future of baby elephant that lost its trunk

If an elephant loses the trunk, how will the elephant survive in the harsh wild world with countless enemies who are ready to wait for the opportunity to attack?

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The Legacy of Lady Liuwa: Reviving the Majestic Lions of Liuwa

Zambia's Majestic Lions: A conservation legacy endures as Liuwa showcases coexistence between 10,000 residents and wildlife, exemplifying shared benefits in a shared landscape.

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Curious Lioness Discovers Camera, Delights Cubs with a New Toy

In the vast wilderness of an African savannah, a thrilling encounter between a curious lioness and a curious camera unfolded, creating a heartwarming and unique story.

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Here are 6 scary lion encounters that gonna shock you

In this compilation video, we go over multiple clips that range from african lion attacks, encounters and spottings.

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Farewell to Loonkito: Kenya Mourns the Loss of its Oldest Lion

In the vast grasslands of Kenya, a majestic king once roamed, capturing the hearts of locals and visitors alike with his regal presence and awe-inspiring legacy

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Orangutan mothers are the most caring in the animal kingdom

Newborn Orangutans remain in close contact with their mother for the first two years of their lives

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