Fears for the future of baby elephant that lost its trunk

If an elephant loses the trunk, how will the elephant survive in the harsh wild world with countless enemies who are ready to wait for the opportunity to attack?

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An elephant’s trunk, also known as a proboscis, can be used to breathe, bathe, transport water to its mouth, and grasp objects for eating. As an adult, an elephant’s trunk is capable of lifting more than 700 pounds, thanks to an array of some 40,000 muscles. (For reference, humans have just over 600 muscles in our entire bodies.)

Photo by: Greatstock / Barcroft Media

A bathing bull elephant got a painful surprise when a 13-foot crocodile chomped down on his trunk at a South African game reserve.

American tourist Ashley Lewis, 31, snapped these amazing photos during her Dec. 26 trip to the Sabi Sands reserve of the reeling pachyderm rearing up on his hind legs with the croc latched onto his trunk, Barcroft Media reported.

We had been sitting in our truck on the riverbank. Suddenly, about 300 yards upstream we heard loud and frantic trumpeting from an older bull elephant
Lewis, a fitness marketer from Michigan, told Barcroft Media.

The elephant was bathing with his herd in the river when a crocodile lurking just below the surface sank its teeth into his trunk.

"The elephant reared up and down, taking the croc with him as if he was waving around a toy,” Lewis said. “I was in awe. It was hard to say anything other than, ‘This is insane.’”

The stubborn reptile loosened its grip only after the elephant slammed it to the ground, bashed it with his knee, and gouged it with his tusks, Lewis said.

The elephant then booked it out of the water, and is expected to make a full recovery, Barcroft Media reported. The fate of the crocodile is unknown, but reserve rangers believe it likely suffered serious injuries.

That is one of many situations that may lead to an Elephants lost their trunk

Another story is this one of the young Elephant spotted in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park by Privately guided Lucien Beaumont (Instagram: @lucienbeaumont). The elephant who lost its trunk, is the title of the video he shared on his account, watch it here

This little elephant calf is thought to have suffered a horrific attack from lions or hyenas in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.
Although it was still doing well being able to nurse from its mother, it is sure to face some serious challenges as it grows.

On Lucien post, a Lawyer and Wildlife photographer Andre Podbielski came out with an interesting comment about this matter, 

"About 25 years ago we visited Hwange on a camping safari. We were literary the only visitors in the camp. With the permission of the camp manager we were allowed to camp at a waterhole not to far from the main camp accompanied by an armed ranger. What a wonderful experience. Early the next morning 5 adult elephant bulls approached the waterhole.

Much to our surprise one of them had no trunk. The ranger knew them and told us the wonderful story. As a young elephant it was attacked by lions, survived but lost his trunk. His mother and the herd cared for him and successfully brought him up . He eventually left the herd and joined a herd of four other bulls. We saw how the other bulls fed him , assisted him to drink by using their trunks to do so. A sighting I will never forget. 🐘❤️" Said Andre Podbielski

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