The Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) has stated that it has completed an investigation to determine whether there was a violation of hunting laws following the emergence of a video showing American hunter Josh Bowmer enjoying hunting a large crocodile in Tanzania, causing concern. The investigation revealed that the crocodile was legally hunted in the Lake Rukwa GR block, with valid permits, fees, and all hunting dues paid, and no procedures were violated.

Josh and Sarah Bowmar on a pause after killing a crocodile

A statement released on January 2, 2024, by TAWA stated, "According to the procedures of the international CITES agreement, Tanzania is allowed to hunt a maximum of 1,600 crocodiles per year. So far, only 39 crocodiles out of the national quota for the year 2023 have been hunted. The crocodile in the circulated video (Watch it here) was legally hunted in the Lake Rukwa GR block under valid permit number MP-0001792, which was valid from 12/08/2023 to 09/09/2023."

Josh trying to make a length comparison after killing the world largest croc in Tanzania

"The crocodile was 16.2 feet long, equivalent to 493.8 centimeters, which is above the minimum length of 300 centimeters required by the law. According to records from the U.S. institution Safari Club International (SCI), the longest crocodile ever hunted was in Ethiopia in 2005 (18.7 feet, equivalent to 561 centimeters)."

"Additionally, records indicate that this hunting was supervised by officers from TAWA and a professional hunter from the licensed company, in accordance with the laws, and all fees associated with crocodile hunting were paid in compliance with the laws and regulations governing hunting in the country. Therefore, all legal procedures were followed, and no regulations were violated."

"TAWA assures the public that wildlife hunting in the country adheres to both domestic and international laws and regulations. The authority reassures the public that these procedures are properly monitored, and appropriate actions are taken in case of any violations according to the law," said TAWA spokesperson Beatus Maganja.

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